• As soon as we arrived at Atacanter horseboxes in Pidley we were instantly struck by the high quality of service we received. The Horsebox was in a different league to the others we had viewed and since our purchase we have been on a couple outings and are amazed how easy everything is to operate and the quality or the drive. It’s worth every penny !!Warren Shaw
  • Jenny Lee“We wanted to write and say thank you very much for the New Theault Horsebox in Ferrari Red!  It’s been a brilliant investment and has literally transformed our riding. We take Queenie and Star our nearly every day- sometimes twice a day. It’s like popping them in the back of the car. We love how easy and safe it is to drive and the build quality was worth every penny. Thank you also for the fantastic after sales support – that is so important when you purchase a bespoke vehicle like this. We are looking forward to decades of journeys with our horses in the Theault Horsebox! “Jenny & Tom Lee, Kent
  • We needed to hire last minute as our clutch had gone on our truck. We rang at 5.30 pm and collected at 6 pm. We were on route to our destination by 7 pm. Very impressed, a fantastic well made box and it drove like a dream.  We will be back for a long distance adventure. Well worth hiring and we saved on diesel too.Newland Family
  • “As always a pleasure to use your horseboxes, they are a delight to drive and so much less stressful for us (and more importantly for the horses ) when driving any distance. Especially on motorways where my lightweight trailer bounces around and gets buffeted by all the other vehicles.”   


  • Proteo 3 Horsebox

    ‘Everyone in the yard has ‘lorry envy’!  Your customer service is first class and the brand itself unrivalled in my opinion’.Linda Carle

  • “Lorry has surpassed expectations.  We love it.!!”G. Howell

  • Absolutely loving the Theault. Should have done it years ago!!C Johnson
  • Very happy with our Theault, thank you and it brought home a winner yesterday!Philip Hobbs
  • ‘I have been using Theault Horseboxes since 2002. They are the best on the market, they were then and still are today. Atacanter have looked after me and are nice people to deal with. Theault are expensive boxes but the best and they do not go wrong. I have had very few issues in a long period of association with them’

    Ken Gamble Horse Transporter

  • Thank you for my new lorry, she is called Precious! The horses travel really well and she is a dream to drive, we have been zooming around, ramp and partition a dream.Marcia Gibbs
  • Horsebox Hire – I would like to say that I think your ‘tagline’ (quality not price) captures the spirit of Atacanter very well and positively. We look forward to being a future customer in the not to distant future!

    James Chavin

  • “For the last 10 years I have received a great service from Atacanter Horseboxes”

    H Lichterman

  • A big thank you to you and everyone involved with the horsebox.    James is back from Italy and seems absolutely delighted.    They are all itching to drive but we are trying to keep a lid on the enthusiasm.  James Fanshawe Racing
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