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Sponsorship with Nicola Naylor Dressage

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Atacanter Horseboxes are pleased to announce the sponsorship with Nicola Naylor Dressage.

An championship international Para Dressage rider, Nicola went totally blind in her early 20’s and gave up riding completely. When her daughter’s riding instructor suggested that she try dressage, after 32yrs out of the saddle, her love for riding re-ignited.  Since then Nicola has competed on the British team and won international and national para competitions.  She has also successfully competed at small tour level against able bodied riders and won regional and national titles.

Due to the difficulty & shortage of finding enough HGV drivers, Nicola decided to look at other options and decided a 3.5 tonne horsebox was the solution. We are pleased to say that Atacanter & Theault were able to accommodate her needs. Nicola has placed an order for a new Theault and we have temporary leased  Nicola a horsebox to enable her to continue training and competing while her new box is built in our Theault factory in Normandy, France.  We are very much looking forward to working with Nicola and excited to see how Nicola’s new lorry will make her life easier.

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