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Overlander R240 2 Stalled Horsebox


The latest facelift model of The Overlander R240 2-Stalled Horsebox is the latest horse to bolt from the yard. The Overlander R240 2-Stalled Horsebox is something to be reckoned with.

Built on new 3.5ton Peugeot chassis, The R240 cab is equipped with air-conditioning, cruise control, dual passenger seat, DAB radio with USB input & AUX, steering wheel controls and extended wing mirrors for increased visibility and safety.

With the safety of the horse at the forefront, installed is an approved camera monitoring system for complete peace of mind. With a stepped-back bulkhead, the R240 has increased cabin space for storage and improved sound absorption which maximises comfort for passe

The long stall design separates the horses by way of a full height slotted Divider Gate, Divider Door and two access Partition Doors, eliminating the need for a breast bar. The Gates and Doors have been specially designed and manufactured in-house for the R240. They are produced from a reinforced core with double skinned GRP. These components are durable, easy-clean, age-resistant, and lightweight.

The Divider Gate is mounted, as standard, on a heavy-duty sliding mechanism with 3 adjustable locking positions. This simplicity allows for the gate to slide into positions to carry mares and foals, without needing more than one person to alter the stalls. The double shoot bolt ensures completely secure locking. For the individual doors, we have
designed and installed a dual operating spring-loaded lock rod system for easy use and effortless exiting and entry to the groom’s area.


  • Built on the very latest facelift model Peugeot Boxer Chassis 2.2L HDI
  • Extended wing mirrors for safety.
  • Dual Passenger seats.
  • Air conditioning.
  • DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity, USB & AUX input.
  • Mounted 7” camera Monitoring system with Reverse Feature.
  • Four fully compliant and load rated lashing points.
  • Driver’s seat with variable suspension and adjustable armrest.
  • Desk panel, to keep important documents to hand and safely position smartphones and tablets.
  • 13 storage compartments.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Storage Area behind Seats for Coats & Boots with Four Coat Hooks.
  • Battery Guard installed to allow electrics to run off the ignition while protecting the starter battery. Allows for over 9 hours ventilation and lighting with no ignition power.


  • This is the only Horsebox built with accredited and approved FERROPLAST body panels consisting of an extremely high-density polyurethane core with outside steel plated surface layers.
  • Aerodynamic front Composite Luton and Rear valance with embedded lamps.
  • LED lighting kit.
  • 5 opening windows with grill bars and privacy glass.
  • 1 opening skylight.
  • Dual intake and extractor electric ventilation system.
  • Reinforced ramp door with commercial grade anti slip rubber matting and Ramp Spring assist system.
  • 2 large barn doors with positive retainer catches and integrated locking system.
  • Oversized safety rear door with retainer catch with fully lockable security system.
  • Heavy duty hinges on rear door for added strength.
  • 1 external tie ring mounted on rear pillar.


  • Reinforced multi-layer front bulkhead system.
  • Interior Composite Long Stall Gate system mounted on a heavy duty sliding mechanism with 3 adjustable locking positions.
  • Doors & Gates are fitted with easy to use dual spring-loaded locking rod system.
  • Gates & Doors are one smooth composite unit with incorporated slots for increased light and airflow.
  • Entire Stall system is fully removable.
  • Embossed reinforced Divider Gate with heavy duty PVC kick skirt to floor.
  • Heavy duty rubber Gate hold back fitted to bulkhead.
  • Fully sealed and washable composite Luton shelf with retainer bar for storage.
  • Aluminium rub rails running the perimeter of the rubber lined internal walls.
  • Roof protection cushion fitted.
  • Incorporated composite roof coving with 3 white LED working lamps and 2 red LED calming lamps.
  • 6 interior tie ring locations.
  • 2 universal feed bucket brackets.
  • Granulistic Flex screed rubber flooring providing high strength, cushioned and completely sealed flooring system.
  • Floor drain with control valve.
  • 2 saddle racks.
  • 2 bridle hooks.
Make: Overlander
Model: R240
Condition: Current Stock New
Location: Pidley, Cambridgeshire
Seating: 3 Seater Cab
Horse Capacity: 2 Rear Facing
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