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Proteo 3 £530 per month / £122 per week *

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As the result of the latest technological advances, the Proteo model is the best choice for uncompromising performance. A genuine professional working tool, it has been designed to be more practical, ergonomic, light and safer for horses.

Cab Area
This 3.5tonne model comes with a 3 seat cab, and this maximises the space in the rear of the horsebox to give maximum storage space, or a changing area. This model can come very simple or can be made as luxurious as you desire. The 3-passenger cab provides a luxury drivers’ seat and a double bench seat. The interior is designed to be like stepping into a car, with all the latest technology that you would expect in your car, to enable a smooth transition between your vehicles.

Built on the latest Euro 6 Renault Master chassis with 170 HP engine, with manual or auto transmission, the Proteo guarantees full driving enjoyment thanks to its modern and efficient engines. The powerful engines enable to easily couple a trailer to your horsebox and also ensures better fuel efficiency, more endurance and a quieter performance.

Horse Area
The Proteo model reflects perfectly our thorough understanding of what horse people need. This vehicle answers uncompromisingly the demands of all professionals or demanding amateurs. As a result of the performance and robustness, the Proteo’s elegant design, sleek lines and high-quality finishes makes it even more enjoyable. Every detail is thought to make the use of your horsebox practical and pleasant. Through its broad choice of options and layouts the Proteo turns into the perfect fit for the needs and requirements of your activity. The tack room design enables optimized storage space with added furniture, shelves, saddle and bridle-racks, hanging rails and seating.

Thanks to its innovative 7 positions on the sliding partition, you can quickly adapt the horse area depending on your transportation constraints. Load and unload your horses from the spacious stalls, with the wide and secure side-ramp you will appreciate the ease with which the ramp lifts and the doors click silently shut. The improved sound absorption and cabin isolation maximizes transportation comfort for both horses and passengers. The rear door is available in 3 different configurations as to easily access the tack-room when your horsebox is coupled to a trailer. The opening cab window, which is standard on all Proteo models, enables to observe the horses directly from the cabin.

Manufactured in France in the factory in Normandy, the Proteo is the result of THEAULT’s team sharp know-how that guarantees uncompromising quality. The insulated sandwich panels with polyurethane foam used to manufacture the body provides significant advantages. In addition to heat and sound insulation, such material is very light, rot-proof and resistant to ageing. The core parts of the horsebox (body, lateral panels, rear frame, partition) as well as the insulated luton are designed collectively to be light and resistant to provide safety and comfort to horses and passengers.

Safety Testing
The panels have been successfully tested on a crash performance by the UTAC (French organization called “Union Technique de l’Automobile et du Cycle” which means Technical Union for Motor vehicles and Cycles), single French entity accredited to conduct such tests. The panels resist to a 1350 kg effort on every anchor point of the security belts. Thanks to this tests, the 3 and 5 passenger cabins have been homologated, certifying the very high resistance of the panels in case of emergency braking or impact. Great attention has been given to the design of the key parts of the horsebox, especially the ones that are subject to high pressures (panels, breast separation tube, partition). Designed as a single piece of aluminium, without any welding nor joints, these parts are thought to have the best weight / resistance ratio. Besides a specific non-slip treatment on the horse part, the wide and secure side-ramp enables to load and unload horses in complete safety. The partition can be easily handled and moved in just a few movements. The wide rear door has been designed to allow rapid horse evacuation if necessary.

Each of our customers is different and you will have your own expectations and requirements: THEAULT is conscious about giving primary and sole attention to each customer individually. This is why we offer different tack-room layouts adapted to all kind of activities. Shelves, hanging rails, storage accessories, saddle and bridle-racks can all be added. The tack lockers close thanks to a lockable sliding door securing equipment during transportation while ensuring storage space when away from the stables.
For the ones who need significant storage space and a real tack-room, the Proteo 3 offers the maximum storage space with almost 1m3 of space, enabling you to carry a lot of equipment and tack.

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Tack room layouts for different disciplines
Sport Horses
With many possible configurations, you may design your tack-room in multiple layouts. By adding different types of furniture, shelves, hanging rails, drawers the saddle-room adapts according to your discipline.
Among the possible equipment and accessories: saddle and bridle-racks, mirror, furniture with sliding door, mobile saddle box or even a water supply. The furniture unit closes thanks to a sliding door securing equipment during transportation while ensuring storage when away from the stables.
For dedicated dressage equipment, the tack-room is organised in two parts. The saddle part ensures large storage space adapted to the long dressage saddle quarters. Added to the bridle racks of the rear-door, a sliding drawer enables to hang two extra bridles or halters. Another part is organized around shelves and a hanging rail to hang your dressage clothes, hat, gloves, horse bandages…
With specially adapted saddle bars to hold the largest and heaviest western saddles, Theault will adapt to your requirements, also providing covers this area to keep your tack clean and hay free.


Western saddle


Finance options are available from just £122/ week plus vat.

*Contract Hire prices quoted are based on a 36 month contract with agreed 10,000 miles per annum, an initial rental, equal to 10% of list price, followed by 36 monthly rentals. Payment of the final rental does not transfer ownership of the vehicle and the vehicle must be returned to us.
All prices are subject to VAT. Rates quoted include delivery and number plates only. Offer is subject to availability for business users only and are subject to status.
Atacanter Horseboxes are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Andrew Stanley Finance Ltd, 1 Holly Walk, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough PE7 8AB who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • There are no features available

Proteo 3 DimensionsProteo Dimensions Proteo Dimensions

Chassis: Renault Master 170hp


  • ABS / ESP
  • DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control and adjustable limiter
  • Driver seat with adjustable lumbar support
  • One touch driver’s window
  • Auto lighting & w’screen wiping
  • Fog lights
  • Dead angle mirror
  • Maximum hubcap

  Main available options 

  • Automatic gearbox (170 HP only)
  • Pack Navigation NFA 2.0 Rad CD B’TO
  • Climate Control air conditioning
  • Alloy wheels
  • Suspended driver seat
  • Pneumatic rear suspension
  • Pack: tow ball + tachograph & rev. counter
  • Speed limiter 90, 100, 110 or 130 km/h
  • Bend lightening
  • All weather tyres
  • Tank 105 L
  • Natural leather upholstery
  • Access to the luton from the horse area



  • Structure in aluminium and 30 mm aluminium sandwich panels
  • Profiled/insulated luton in cab
  • Aluminium side ramp
  • Rubber lining to internal walls
  • 4 opening windows with protective grills
  • Access to the luton from the horse area
  • 1 large ceiling ventilator and 2 mechanical ventilators
  • Electric air extractor
  • Embedded handles
  • Wide rear door (1.20 m)
  • Aluminium partition with rubber skirt and adjustable width settings (7 positions)
  • Tack room floor in anti-slip rubber and floor of horse area in rubber
  • Internal and external tie-rings
  • Breast bar doors with integral opening
  • Pre-fitting for anti-weave grilles
  • Protective padding
  • Horse & tack area LED lighting

Main available options 

  • Ramp on UK side
  • External decoration of your choice
  • Complete body paint in colour of choice
  • Body paint to match original colour of the cab
  • Painted bumper and accessories
  • Reversing sensor
  • Reversing camera
  • External folding tie bar
  • Tow bar with 13-point plug
  • Saddle and bridle racks
  • Protective sheet for the tack area
  • Protective 2-part shelf with mangers
  • Range of fitted tack cupboards
  • Surveillance camera
  • Anti-weave grilles
  • Temperature gauge with or without recording
  • Flexible rubber floor
  • Other options available on demand
Make: Theault
Model: Proteo 3
Condition: Brand New
Transmission: Manual
Location: Pidley, Cambridgeshire
Drivetrain: 2WD
Engine: 170hp
Seating: 3 Seater Cab
Horse Capacity: 2 Rear Facing

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